Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thank You Helen

I got these two lovely awards from Helen, now I'm sure as everybody knows I'm notoriuos for not returning the favour when it comes to Blog Awards. It's not intentional I promise, it's just that I keep thinking I'll do it later and then something else comes up, or I can't think who to pass them onto etc, you know all the "time related excuses". Well I promised Helen I would post straight away and so here I am.

I'm passing both these awards onto the Ladies who have given me Awards in the last few months to which I've not passed on again as a way of saying sorry, and that I did appreciate them thinking of me. If you were one of these Ladies please take these awards and leave me a comment so I know who you are and I'll go look for the award you originally gave me and post it on my Blog and I'll add your name here too.


Nicki said...

and can i say - well deserved!
Well done Jeannette on your awards.

Gvendalen said...

Congrats on you award, Jeannette!

Anonymous said...

your very welcome hun. I know what you mean I have to d it straight away or I'll forget!! x