Friday, 30 January 2009

Photo Fun

I've been Tagged by my SU Sister Steph, thanks Steph. I'm going to have to start calling her Super Steph, she gets so much done, I can hardly keep up and I don't even have kids in the house. I have to go my Picture File, open the 6th Folder and pick the 6th Photo.

I could have guessed so easily that it would be a picture of my adorable Grandson Ethan. Nearly every photo I own is of Ethan. This is on one of his visits a month before they moved back to South Africa. Actually my son moved back and Becky and Ethan went for the first time. I miss him so much and can't wait for them to be back for a visit in March. You'll know when they are here because there will be loads of photo's.

Now to Tag Wendy, Deb, Toni, Gina, Lorraine and Lorraine.


Deb said...

such asweet photo of Ethan, this is an interesting tag, thank you for thinking of me and passing it on, so sweet of you! Sorry that you miss your family, hopefully March will be here very quickly, I am looking forward to spring too, far too cold just now!

Steph said...

Oh my word - how adoreable!! - just wanna cuddle him! I love that name Ethan - it's what we would have called Jasmine (...if she'd been a boy!) Where about's are they in SA? I love Cape Town - lovely people too, do you ever go to them? xxx

Steph said...

LOL - 'Super Steph' hasn't eaten, slept, washed, cooked or cleaned (or even changed out of her pajamas) since starting her blog (& who knows where I've put the kids - haven't seen them for a while!) xxx

gina said...

Oh what a cutie, thank you for the tag, I have just added a pic
Gina xxx

Sarah B said...

What an adorable picture. He's gonna be a heartbreaker. Must be really hard, them living so far away. Sarah B X

Viv said...

Aww he's a little gem Jeanette. No wonder you'll miss him.
Viv xx