Saturday, 12 July 2008

Before and After

I've noticed that alot of people are tidying up at the moment. I'm not the tidiest crafter, and I normally end up with everything on my desk. I have to pile things on top of other things, and then I can't find anything. It's hard to craft like that. I decided to do a tidy up. I bought a few more draw sets as I find they work so much better than boxes on a shelf. So here's my before photo's. The Mess I was!

Have a Clean Up, you'll be suprised at what you find. I found loads of stuff that I forgot I bought.


I still have quite a bit to sort, like my Paper and Card Bits. I have so much that I could probably just use that and survive for months. Now Let's see how long it can stay like this. Leave a comment if you've been Cleaning Up and a link if you've posted it.

PS. This is only half the Room, I haven't finished the other half yet!


Deb said...

wow, fab work space, love all your storage boxes, I have the same desk but mine isn't nearly as organised as yours, in fact mine is worse than your before pic!

Wendy said...

Love your craft room, welldone on your tidy up.
mine is in boxes all around my bedroom,
I am waiting for one of the boys to move out then i can take over his bedroom and turn it into a craft room.
lucky you jeannette to have one for all your stuff

Dawn said...

Good for you!!! i finally did it and now i don't know where anything your craft area!!!

Dawn said...

wow I would LOVE to have a craft room - this looks heavenly - just close the door and reappear three days later!!!Unfortunately I have to clean up all the time as my desk is in a corner of my living room so I have no choice!! Hrrumph!!

Steph said...

What a fantastic room & sooooo well stocked too!! I'm waiting for my invite to come round & play....can't wait xxx