Friday, 5 October 2007

First Scrap Page (Digital)

I've found a way of not blatantly subjecting everyone to Baby Photo's, so here is my very first digital scrap page. I'm very new to scrapping as you'll notice, and decided to leave this page slightly on the plain side, only because I don't know what I'm doing. Do busier pages come with time?
For the layout I used Eline's Babies Bath and Bedtime Kit from Daisy Company.


My name is Sally ... said...

Great first digital page Jeannette, especially with the baby pics.
love Sally xxx

Wendy said...

Its a great layout, he looks so cute.
Yes the pages do get busier after a few.
Well done jeannette


lauren said...

omg--i just read your comment, and i literally HOOTED with laughter, b/c you've hit on exactly what i was thinking after i wrote that post! i used to not use cards that i didn't like, but at some point i HAD TO use a "non laureny" item...and the person in question looooooooved it! (MUCH more, in fact, than other things i had made them, which *i* really liked!) so yeah--as you said--it's a double-edged-sword...GREAT that the "misses" can find appreciation...but it does sort of imply that at least ONCE IN A WHILE a "hit" is secretly not quite as cool as we may have thought!

...can open...worms EVERYWHERE!!! :) :) :)

i'm going back to making stuff now, and leaving off the consideration of who likes what and why! say that i love your page and i would never ever have known it was your first digital effort! as for the increased "busy"ness...i am soooo the wrong person to ask about that! but don't worry, even if YOUR pages don't get any busier, i will still be "picking up the slack" for BOTH of us!!! :)

loublou said...

hiya proud nana xxx i love it i cant wait to see what you come up with next xx lou