Thursday, 1 November 2007

Ultimate Last Chance Draw

Well Ladies this is it, the Last name to go into the draw is Linda SS. Well done, it looks like it really was last minute saloon there.
Here is the list of Names in the Final Draw tomorrow.
1. Granann
2. Christine
3. Leni1221
4. Fink
5. Sybil
6. Cathy
7. Yelowflower
8. Leann
9. Pat S
10. SnowCloud
11. Pat S
12. Andrea
13. Cathy
14. All Pink Girl
15. Scrapmomof2

16. Andrea
17. Sectrets (Sybil)
18. Pat S
19. Christine
20. Linda SS
Good Luck Ladies, I'll post the name of the winner tomorrow morning at about 09:00.


Linda SS said...

LOL...I am in shock! I finally made it into the biggie:) We will all be standing by with our fingers and toes crossed for the ULTIMATE blog candy!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

secrets said...

Good luck to everyone in the final
and a big thank you Jeannette for the chance to win the ultimate.

SnowCloud (Sue) said...

Thanks for doing this, Jeannette. It has been so much fun coming to see your cards and entering the contest. I will be continuing to come to see your creations. You do such a great job.

All Pink girl said...

Thanks jeanette its been like christmas every day ,Dawnx